7 tips on taking amazing photos of your property

Great photography of your project is that extra pinch of your favorite ingredient on the top of your favorite recipe. We seem to take photos of everything and anything around us, we snap pictures for our kids’ first “things”, ourselves pretty much anywhere (aka selfies), our dishes before eating them, our drinks before sipping them and even to illustrate what would otherwise require a 1000 words to explain in plain words!

The one aspect many people seem to miss is one that also happens to be the most essential, our properties. By miss, I mean missing proper photography. Whether it’s a project you have just finished, a unit you are trying to sell or rent or even a place you live in or just happen to like, proper property photography is key to getting those magazine-style images, even if you are only using your phone camera. Here are my top tips on taking and making great photos of your great property

1. Clean and tidy up that princess!

I follow many online forums where they display properties for rent/sale. I can’t tell you how many times I was turned off by seeing images of dirty properties. Realtors, I know all your excuses, I heard all of them, you can’t wait to get that unit out and move to the next one, because the longer it’s empty the more money we all lose, time is money baby and maintenance is going to take forever! All that aside, you can still tidy up at least the rooms/halls/bathrooms/kitchens you are going to rent out. It’s bad enough that you are showing them empty lifeless units, you might as well get a company to tidy up that gem before you start bragging about it, try it and see the difference.

2. Light it up!

Dark images are very common. The best time to get the best light from both outside and inside is late afternoon until sunset. Open all windows and doors, switch ON all the lights and snap away. It doesn’t matter where you are standing, as long as the brightness outside is not more than inside, you should be just fine! Sometimes you don’t have electricity in empty units, in which case I suggest going there at noon and try to utilize the sunlight to your advantage. Again, open all the windows, but instead of shooting towards the windows, shoot with them behind you.

3. Wide angle lens and panos

Wide-angle lenses are best to capture the entirety of confined spaces. They just make everything look bigger and better (I’m not suggesting that you trick your potential buyers, but people tend to like to see the full picture, so show it to them, please!). If wide-angles are not available or you are using your phone, switch to panorama and slowly/steadily move until you capture the entire space. Pay attention to stitching problems, if you are not happy with the results, do it again. All you will really loose is just a few more minutes.

4. Take more than one image from more than one angle

If you are a DIY shooter, then you would never know from that tiny screen of yours which angle will look best. Take more than you need, we live in a digital/cloud age, so who cares for a few extra megabytes?

5. Show everything

Potential buyers/tenants are not only interested in one or two of the rooms. They want to see the kitchen (believe it or not, kitchens are sometimes far more important than living rooms), the bathrooms, the balcony, the entrance, the facilities, the parking lot, even the neighboring park, don’t ignore anything, every little bit matters!

6. 3D rendered images cannot replace real photos

Most developers spend a lot of money on 3D rendered images of their CGI project models for various of reasons, advertising should NOT be part of it! Why? Because potential buyers/tenants are so savvy these days that they know what you see in an ad is not necessarily what you get, if not way too far off. Yes, photos can be deceptive too, but not as deceptive as CGI’s. They want to see real-life images, so why deny them that?

7. Hire a professional

Why bother with all these articles and tips when you can hire a professional photographer who you can blame later if results are not magazine-like? Professional photographers can deliver and sometimes exceed your expectations. You’ve invested that much money into your project, you might as well give it the photo-spa it actually deserves, don’t you think?

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