BenQ SW2700PT Professional Monitor Review

When you are a photographer, it's difficult not to get overwhelmed with the countless number of "shiny objects" around, especially cameras, lenses and the like.

However, one of the most overlooked, yet really important asset any photographer should have in their arsenal, is a high quality monitor that's both sharp and renders colors accurately. I'll confess, I myself am also guilty of that.

When it comes to monitors, the options are just too many to choose from. I recently got approached by BenQ to review their SW2700PT Professional Monitor.

There's a lot that can be said about this monitor, but what caught my attention was the excellent build quality that makes it feel stable.

I was also impressed with the hood that covers the top and the sides of the screen, to avoid any glare while you are working on editing your photos.

The other really cool things I noticed the built-in SD card reader, it just makes things easier to view images quickly.

I also liked the versatility of the monitors mount since you could mount it on the wall or even control how high you want it to be on its own.

However, the best (and most important) part of the monitor is the screen display.

I have to say I was stunned with the resolution, the color rendering accuracy and the color range.

The BenQ SW2700 has a fantastic sRGB color range, a much wider range than most standard monitors out there.

As far as the resolution goes, the SW2700PT gives you a QHD display for a much higher resolution of 2560 x 1440 against the usual 1080p resolutions offered on HD.

This is important with a monitor this size. Text and images need to look sharp and crisp. This results in a much sharper display and the fine details from your images appear to pop off the screen.

The other nifty features this monitor has to offer is the OSD controllers, which allow you to switch between different color spaces.

The bottom line is, if you are a photographer, whether a full time professional or a hobbyist who likes to show off their masterpieces and happens to be in the market for a good monitor, I think you should definitely consider the SW2700PT.

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