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Secret Ingredient to amazing portraits

Many people think that the secret ingredient to an amazing portrait photography is a good camera, a good flash, a nice location, a nice wardrobe or a creative make up. While all that does help, the one secret ingredient I found to be the most effective is "EXPRESSION"

I see many portraits done by professional photographers. Those portraits may have it all perfect, except for the expression. This is a very big topic that can't be talked about in a single blog post, but it's important for photographers to really master the art of "people" before mastering the art of photography and lighting. 

After a typical photo shoot, I tend to only keep the ones that carry a nice expression, the rest I keep on my hard disk, but almost never share with the client or online. The more I shoot, the better I find myself being really selective about expressions. 



Old Turkish

Old Turkish

So the next time you go out to shoot someone (with a camera of course), please make sure you capture that moment where they have a nice expression on their faces. More often than not, those are the spontaneous moments that are the least planned for.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. ;)

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